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GST is the most wide-ranging tax reorganization and targets to integrate India into one common market.

Gati’s specialized GST transformation team builds solutions to address regulations, place-of-supply rules, tax impact assessment, accounting and technology, input credit setoff, vendor rationalization and management. Gati will drive your GST roll-out and help unlock the much needed efficiencies in the post GST scenario.

Inventory Centralization

Gati is built on a hub and spoke model and in post-GST scenario, companies will be encouraged to follow this model, ensuring proximity to manufacturing locations or consumption centres resulting larger regional consolidation centers at key strategic locations. Gati with a pan-India network and 5 mn sq ft of warehousing space across critical 100 location is distinctively positioned to support the consequent physical network realignment.

Centralization of inventory into larger regional warehouses


Direct & fast Gati routes from Mertros to small towns


Faster Transit Time

Gati has over 100 critical large format hubs across and 5000+ fleet size with high capacity trucks to enable direct movement to end locations with lower checkpoints and faster movement of goods.

Move from Local to regional distribution

Gati with no minimum order and less than a truck service and large warehouses will cater to frequent need of deliveries to the spokes. Centralization of warehouses will require improvement in service levels to areas outside the major metropolitan centres and Gati has exceptional reach with 99.9 % pin code coverages.

Move from Local to regional distribution


Gati operates varietyof high capacity fleets


Increase in usage of high capacity fleet

Gati has trucks starting from 5 ft to 40 ft to cater to longer distances and higher cost optimization and capacity utilization. The current transportation fleet in the nation is dominated by less efficient nine and twelve tonne vehicles.

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