Dear Shareholder,

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs vide Circular 18/2011 dated 29.04.2011, has initiated a “Green Initiative in Corporate Governance” by allowing paperless compliance by Companies through electronic mode. Companies can now send Annual Report, Notices, Other Documents to its shareholders through electronic mode to the registered e-mail addresses of shareholders, thus reducing paper consumption and also contributing towards green environment. We therefore invite all our shareholders to contribute to the cause by registering their email address with the company as set out below.


Please note that as a shareholder of the Company you will be entitled to receive all such communication in physical form, upon request to the Company Secretary of the Company.

Shareholders are requested to keep Company informed as and when there is any change in the e-mail address.

Please fill in the details below to register:

Shareholder Registration Form

Folio No/DP ID & Client ID*
Name & Address of the Registered Holder*
Name of the Joint Holder(s) (if any)*
Contact No*
Email ID*(to be registerd)*
On registration, I/we agree to receive all the communication from Gati Limited at the e-mail ID registered in the folio. I/we hereby undertake to promptly inform Gati Limited of any changes to the information provided above.

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