Mineo Suzuki took over as Managing Director of Kintetsu World Express (India) Private Limited from January 2015. He has over 30 years of experience in sales and other areas in freight forwarding market. He poses exceptional leadership and Management qualities. After graduation, in April 1985 Mr. Suzuki launched his career as a Sales Staff at Nagoya Office with KWE Japan and on the count of his outstanding performance, he got shifted to KWE Tokyo Office in January 1989 and from where his career ship began to move many places and countries.In August 1992 Mr. Suzuki got transferred to KWE Hong Kong as a Sales Manager and after seven years of work at Hong Kong, he shifted to KWE Dong Guang China as Office Manager in October 1999. In January 2003 he took assignment as Sales Manager in KWE Tokyo and in August of the same year moved to Nagoya Office as Office Manager.In October 2008 Mr. Suzuki was transferred to Thailand and took over as the President of KWE Thailand and after seven years of outstanding service at KWE Thailand as a President, he moved to KWE India as the Managing Director of the Company.

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