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Gati History

Gati pioneered express distribution services in India in 1989. We were among the first companies to print our delivery date on the docket and offer money back guarantee, by accepting payment after producing proof of delivery a POD. This practice which is now perceived as a standard norm in the industry as started by us.
At the outset, we operated between Madras and Madurai and after in-depth planning we launched operations in four stations: Hyderabad, Bangalore, Madras and Hosur in 1989.

Our business model was different. We chose to focus on customers’ needs right from day one and time-bound, point-to-point delivery, with premium priced cargo management services was our key value proposition. Right from the beginning, we never operated the transport vehicles on our own. Instead, we developed a business partner concept of ‘Gati Associates’, thus giving rise to a team of entrepreneurs who were independent business partners of Gati. We continue this till date, and are proud of our contribution to an ‘Aatma-Nirbhar Bharat’ or ‘Self-reliant India’.

The name Gati was coined to reflect speed with direction, true to our way of operations.
To sharpen our marketing focus, operational efficiency and improve service quality, we focused on growing into a process-oriented organization, implementing performance metrics and evaluations across our services and internal and external business operations. In keeping with changing customer expectations, we kept revisiting and enhancing our basic value proposition of service delivery.

We launched Gati @web – comprising of Gati Enterprise Management System (GEMS), Oracle Financials and Oracle CRM to enable better and faster response times, shipments tracking, service quality and resolution. On the automation front, we ventured into mechanized racking systems and state-of-the-art mechantronic warehouses in all major cities across India.

Some of our achievements since have been launching a centralized call centre at Nagpur, accomplishing the goal of 100% package visibility through shop-floor automation across India, partnering leading industry forums to shape emerging trends and best practices, being recognised among 100 Best Companies for Women, and many more.

Today, as an Allcargo Company, guided by our futuristic vision, mission and values, we continue our fast-paced transformation into digitally-enabled sales and business excellence to drive unmatched customer experiences and establish ourselves as frontrunners creating logistics magic across India and the globe.

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