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What is Shipper Risk/Owner Risk ?
The Risk which has to be owned by Customer for transit Shipment .
what is the Time Duration for Registration of Complaint?
Camplaint can be registered with in 30 days from Delivery date
What Documentation is required for claim process (For Carrier risk ) ?
  • Docket Copy ( Original Hard copy)
  • Docket Copy ( Original Hard copy)
  • Declaration/Invoice Copy ( Original Hard copy)
  • Repair Estimate ( original Hard copy)
  • Claim letter ( Original Hard copy)
  • Packing List ( Original Hard copy)
  • Color phots of Damage goods
  • Pan Card ( Xerox Copy )
  • Cancelled Cheque ( Xerox Copy )
  • NOC applicable only for Commercial Goods ( Original Hard copy)
How Volume conversion can be calculated?
  • L*B*H (in cms) / 27000 or L*B*H (in inches) /1728 : For Express & Express plus product
  • L*B*H (in cms) / 5000 or L*B*H (in inches) /305 : For premium products
  • L*B*H * 10 (in feet) / 1 CFT: 10 Kg
  • L*B*H *350 (in meters) / 1 CBM:350 Kg
What are the Dimensions of the box for GATI Laabh
The Dimension of the box will be : 20Kg :18*16*16 inches
What are the dimensions of Gati Secure Box?
10Kg :17*12*11 inches
What is NCV? How much we can settle for NCV goods ?
100 INR settlement can be done for NCV good
Duration to avail Freight Refund coupon ?
Freight refund coupon can be availed with in 90 days from issued date
In which cases Claim will be settled ?

Eligibility for claim settlement :

  • Material should be booked on Carrier risk
  • Shipmnent short deliverd
  • Shipment Lost
  • Shipment Damage
In which cases Freight refund will be done ?
For Late Delivery as per Assured delivery date ( Excluding Natural Calamities, Political Disturbance, For Contractual customer )
On which Location we do not providing Freight Refund ?
North East Location
To whom Claim will be settled ?
“Paid Booking : Sender
FOD Booking : Receiver”
What is ESS /ODA Location?
Extra Service Location/Out Line delivery Area. Extra charges are applicable to serve in these ESS locations.
What comes under NCV Goods ?
Stock Transfer ,Repaired material ,Free Samples ,Exchange goods ,Promotional material
What kind of materials cannot be shipped through gati ?
Imitations jewellery ,Dangerous good ,Filled cylinders ,Hazardous material & Liquid Material ,Fragile material
What is the process for Registration of Online complaint /Pickup ?
You can register an Online complaint through our Web Site (www.gati.com)
What is OBN ?
Where can a customer claim OBN?
OBN can be claimed in customer insured company
How do I know more about Gati and its services?

This website contains all that you need to know about Gati Limited. Right from the company’s profile to the various types of services.

What kind of Logistic solution does Gati provides?

Gati provide multimodal express distribution and Supply Chain Solutions across India and APAC. Detailed information can be taken from the website

Where can I get financial details of Gati?

The website have a special section for the investors (click here) where in they can get every possible detail about the financials of Gati including annual reports, stock prices, stock holders information, etc.

How do I contact Gati?

You can call on 1860-123-4284. Alternatively all address/Phone/Mail details are displayed in Locate Us and Contact Us. Using this you can contact any Gati Location you wish to.

Can I know the location serviced /Transit time / Price charged by Gati?

Yes, all this information and more has been compiled for you under Tools page  in a user friendly way.

How to lodge a complaint on line?

Any type of query/complaint an be registered through Gati’s customer support by reaching at 1860 123 4284. You can also visit service complaint page to register a complaint online.

How do I schedule a pick up online?

You can schedule a pickup from any of the location serviced by Gati, just by clicking here and fill out all the required fields and submit. Our customer support team will back to you immediately.

How to become business partners of Gati?

Just hover on careers in header section and go to Partner center, choose an appropriate option and fill out the form. Once you successfully submit the filled out form, our team will reach you back for further discussion.

How do I know the Documentation required for each State in India?

Go to Tools section and click on documents required. You will find all information regarding documentation in that section to send shipments to each State of India.

Can Gati collect payment from the Consignee on my behalf?

Yes, Gati provides an unique COD (Cash on Delivery) facility to facilitate such transaction on your behalf.

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