Are Casino Winning Strategies Different for PC and Mobile?

Online gambling is now very popular around the globe, and a lot of different guides, strategies, and tips for can be found on the internet because people always try to “understand” the game and its working principles. Some tips really work, but some of them are nothing but a bad try to find the way to cheat on the system and win a jackpot. Gambling is all about luck with some elements of skills when it comes to table games. However, as we have mentioned, there are pieces of advice you can find that really help you increase your chances to succeed. We are not talking about cheat codes and other magic ways to win — only real, reasonable actions that work for anyone.

Since we can play online today, it means that we have two niches: mobile gaming and PC gaming. They have some differences, however, they are still pretty the same. And today we are going to figure out whether winning strategies for both of these niches differ or not.

What is a winning strategy?

First of all, let’s define what the strategy is — it’s a gaming plan that you follow to increase your winning chances. There are two types of creating a strategy, depending on the game and situation: it can be based on a deep knowledge of the game or on the way you bet.

A very famous strategy that is considered illegal in many land-based casinos is card counting. It works in card games, such as Blackjack, and it’s based on memorizing all the cards to know which cards are off and which are still in the deck. However, card counting is not really possible when you play with the machine. And this is the first type of strategy.

Regarding betting patterns, this is quite simpler. Depending on odds and minimal stakes, you should either increase or lower your bets in order to not become bankrupt.

Does it work?

The answer depends on what you imply here. Hence, if you want to know is there a way to always win, then the answer is, of course, no. But if you are curious about the possibility to minimize risks a little bit — it seems true. However, you should always remember that gambling is all about your luck.

The best way to make sure you have more chances to win money is to check the RTP of a game you are going to play. This metric shows the percentage of money returned to the player. If this value is 96% and more, you can feel safer. It doesn’t mean that you will get back 96% of each spin, but it means that you can get 96% of the whole sum in a certain period.

Some tactics may be beneficial. The ones that focus on betting patterns are especially valuable since they help you avoid riskier bets, reducing your losses. However, no technique can ensure that you will win more money. This is due to the fact that the RTP of a game stays constant, regardless of whether you apply a strategy or not. Casino games make no distinctions: someone who employs a strategy has the same probability of winning as someone who does not.

Is there a difference between strategies for mobiles and PCs?

The answer is rather obvious — there is no difference. The reason is that strategies are related to a game, but not to a device you use to play. If you play the same slot using a computer or a smartphone, you will have the same conditions anyway. The only things that are different are design and control: PC gamblers use mainly mouse to play, meanwhile, mobile players should tap on their touchscreens to make everything work. And this is, actually, a reason why designs are also different.

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