Betting Methods That Reward You for Walking Away

No matter what you are doing, you want to be good at it and get as much as possible from this. Especially if we are talking about such an exciting and sophisticated phenomenon as gambling, especially at It’s a dream for all of us to win money, feel this joy of luck, and do not get upset with losses. And today’s gambling industry is pretty available, so the majority of people in the world play slots and table games day and night. This industry became so popular because we all can play online now via PCs and mobile devices, which is much handier than before. Moreover, online casinos are more profitable because of higher RTPs. This is why any betting strategy can exist now. Land-based casinos with low-RTP slots require too much money to make any strategy work. So, as there are many players who want to know how to increase their chances to win, we decided to create a short article with some methods that will definitely reward you.

Top Methods Not To Lose

Go small at the beginning

When you have already made a deposit, you should define the amount of money you can spend on each bet to make the game as long as it’s possible. Don’t ever place all the deposited money on a single bet because the winning chances will be too low. Of course, you can be a lucky guy and win a huge prize for the first spin, but it’s not safe. It’s much safer to go small and let the RTP work for you. Choose a slot with low stakes if your budget is not big and try to increase your banks step by step, even though it may take a while.

Reduce Risks

You can try to take minor risks while playing at any online casino. Assume you have 100 dollars in your playing account. The initial wager you should make is a 20-dollars wager. If you win, reduce your next bet such that if you lose the following round, your loss will be less than the amount you won. You may win less this way, but your odds of losing more are reduced. Contrary to popular belief, if you lose that $20 bet, you should still put a little wager so that if you lose again, you will not be left with a zero balance. As a result, taking lesser risks might help you lose less and win more gradually.

Set the limits

As it was said, it’s crucial to know when to stop. And if you don’t feel it, it’s better to limit your daily hours spent in casinos. This is a good tactic to not lose all your money. Even if you are winning, and the time is over, you have to stop. The point is that you never know what will happen at the next moment. So, trust yourself, and limit your time.

The Fibonacci Theory

You might try to raise the number of bets if you’re having a good day. Let’s say you have 100 dollars in your playable balance and you’ve won three 5-dollar bets in a row. If you increase your next stake, you could be able to gain even more. You can find more about The Fibonacci Theory here.

Cash Out In Time

Another awesome idea to save money and increase your bank is to withdraw funds just in time. This strategy is for winning situations. For example, if you deposit 100 bucks and you win 200, then don’t hurry up continue playing— withdraw the initial deposit of 100 bucks. Thus, you will waste nothing even if you won’t win more. Repeat this every time you multiple your first deposit. Or you can set a new limit after the first winning and stick to this value if you want to because you have already saved your money. Now you can go and try your luck, playing your favorite game on your favorite website!

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